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New to Duolingo..can anyone help

Hey I'm new new to Duolingo..I'm learning French. Can anyone tell me about leaderboards and how to join them? Is there any use in it?

May 14, 2020



Once you start gaining XP it automatically places you in a leadership board. There are a total of 10 different leagues. If you place in the top ten of a league, it will put you into the next level up! If you place in the top 3 of any league you get gems/lingots and can use them towards extra lessons or outfits for the owl. Ive found that doing the lessons and really learning them is the best way to go (the leadership board can get insanely competitive) , but if the leadership board motivates you to do continue to learn, then use it! Also if you dont place in the top ten, but still gain a moderate amount of XP, you get to stay in the same league! The more XP you gain, the higher up the board you go. Just keep doing your lessons and stories! Good luck to you!


Thank you Nadia


Of course no problem! Good luck studying French! I’ve truly loved studying French on Duolingo so far!


Once you start getting XP, if your in i think the top 50 you will be on the leaderboard. Im not completely sure, but in know that 46th place or lower is the Demotion Zone and that 10th place or higher is the Promotion Zone


They include you when you perform well. You just do your work and it will appear.


Bonjour, This is a way to for you see, how you are doing against fellow students. BUT, the "friends" are also helpful, because, i did not do any lessons, and received a phone call from a gf ! So if you are in France, you can connect with me, and we can motivate each other, if we start to slack off. Let me know :)


J'ai pas tout tout compris UwU tu peux reexpliquer en francais stp :c

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