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  5. "Bha am broc ann an coille."

"Bha am broc ann an coille."

Translation:The badger was in a forest.

May 14, 2020



So many an am ann similar sounds! So pleased to be seeing I’m finally getting it right and work IS paying off!


Meal do naidheachd!

Math fhèin agus sin thu fhèin!


Sometimes I get frustrated because my answer is not close enough to be wrong...I get the you typed English instead of Gaelic...but its not that far off. I typed "Bha am broch ann an cadal (i just couldn't hear/ remember coille)...i typed it so many times and it would not just mark it wrong ..just told me it was English...then I type a single letter, and it accepts it as wrong. Rrrrrrr.


There's something about the translation of 'an coille' that just doesn't make sense to my Scottish brain. Is it actually the word for the woods rather than a forest??

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