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"Every Tuesday, I used to train at the stadium."

Translation:Tous les mardis, je m'entraînais au stade.

May 14, 2020



I tried “ Le mardi, je m'entraînais au stade.” Which on reflection, I believe, is more like “On Tuesdays...” and has the same meaning but different emphasis. Can a natural French speaker confirm if this is correct? If so, is “Le mardi”, “tous les mardis” and “chaque mardi” essentially the same but with increasing emphasis?


I have the same question. Thanks!


why not chaque mardi?


The French may use "chaque mardi", but they give a different emphasis to how regular or consistent that is. I believe i've read that "chaque mardi" would be more consistently every Tuesday than "tous les mardis". In many cases they may be interchangeable.


Chaque Mardi worked for me

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