Scottish gaelic

it is all going too fast. I am forgetting as fast as I am learning. The competitive element of the course got to me. I subscribed to plus, but now I want to go back and consolidate but don't know how

May 14, 2020


I feel your pain! It’s a tough ol’ language!

From the start, I wrote every single word and phrase down. You could reset your language to zero and start again? Or just practice the lower levels over and over (with or without gaining XPs) until you’re more comfortable with the basics?

Good luck :)

Try do a couple practices after each lesson- same thing is happening to me in Welsh and i now do a practice after every skill.

Super hard language

It is a pretty tough language to learn. I take extensive notes and go back and practice lessons each day I log in. It helps me remember things better.

I think I was carried away by the comptative element. There are so many words and phrases I already knew for many years. I am an elderly dyslexic which makes it a bit more challenging especially as learning English Grammar(another tricky language but we dont realise) was hard won as a child. I will try your suggestion thank you, go back and consolidate. forget the league tables!!

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