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  5. "Zij lezen de boeken."

"Zij lezen de boeken."

Translation:They read the books.

July 26, 2014



zij is she or they? or she in plural?


"Lezen" is the verb for plural so it's "they read". There is no separate "they" for female or male.


Zij is BOTH she and they


why is it not boeks? I thougt one-syllable words are pluralized by adding a -s? Or is this not a general rule?


I don't know If you are using Duo on a computer or Tablet but if you are on a computer if you click on tips you'll see that on this lesson we only see plurals where you have to add "EN". Also we only add "S" when you have a noun that ends with A SINGLE vowel. You add: ' + S : or just S if it finishes with and E.

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