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Sox? Socks!

I was learning clothing 2/2 and I ran into a weird spelling bug / error. I know it's "Socks" but your app instructed me "Sox" so I enter "Sox" and of course it gives me an error.

Look at how weird that looks by checking out this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8fkxfi356ldlid/2014-07-26%2012.38.10.png

Thank you for fixing this, at it cost me a heart for no real reason :-) I guess I'll just have to follow my instincts next time.


4 years ago



In this case, this is clearly a weird glitch. "Sox" is an archaic plural form of sock that as far as I know is only used in modern usage in the name of a certain Major League Baseball team from Boston, Massachusetts (although it is listed in Merriam-Webster and other online dictionaries, which probably explains how it got into the drop down hints--which I assume source from somewhere like Google Translate--and also suggests that maybe it should be acceptable even if it is non-standard).

That being said, as you progress, you will come to rely on the drop down hints less and less. As the sentences become more complex they will start to become, in many cases, completely unreliable for anything other than nouns. So following your instincts is definitely the best course of action.

4 years ago

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It's only used for specific sports teams. Like the Chicago White Sox or the Boston Red Sox.

4 years ago