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  5. "Chan eil mi a' ceannach bus."

"Chan eil mi a' ceannach bus."

Translation:I am not buying a bus.

May 14, 2020



Is "a'ceannach" meaning buying the actual bus or paying a bus fee? Tapadh leibh!


I think it would mean to buy the whole bus. Paying the ride fee would simple be buying a ride on the bus. And that would be a different word


When would 'bhus' be used rather than 'bus' and why?


bhus would be used in every context requiring lenition of the noun. There are many of those so I won’t list them here. They are explained in the tips and notes to the lessons where they are introduced.

The tips and notes are available in the web browser version of Duolingo (at the https://duolingo.com website) – unfortunately not in the mobile app. You can also access them on the duome.eu website.

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