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Suddenly only five exercises per lesson? (update: and finished lessons that I haven't taken)

Today I noticed that I only have five exercises per lesson (even sometimes when I strengthen skills). This was the case for all "Medical" lessons and now when I just started "Verbs: Imperative" it's the same there as well. Is this a bug? Because it's extremely easy to pass the lessons on the first attempt now and I don't think such few lessons is enough for learning.

Update: Now when I just finished "Verbs: Imperative" and "Education" I'm about to start "Verbs: Modal" but according to duolingo two lessons are already completed! (I had no access to "Verbs: Modal" before so how can I possible have finished lessons there without having access to them?)

Update 2: My lessons seems to have 20 exercises again, hooray!

Update 3: Encountered a few more lessons with fewer exercises (including a few with just 5 exercises).

July 26, 2014



The same thing's happening to me. And the questions are all of the translate-French-to-English variety. I don't get questions anymore that ask me to translate from English to French.


I have 20 exercises per lesson again, I hope it will resolve for you as well. However, you're right and I hadn't noticed that there has been a lot of French-to-English lately. Maybe this is intentional though? Maybe they want us to learn French-to-English first and then (when strengthening for example) they make it more difficult by having it the other way around.


I'm back to the normal number of exercises again, as well. They're still predominately French-to-English, but that would make sense if it's a learning strategy. (EDIT: my English-to French exercises are back again, too.)


Same here. And it actually allowed me to finish my French Tree, but I feel somewhat cheated.


Same here, I finished my french tree yesterday, partially due to this bug! I did set this week as a deadline for the french tree though, so I think I could've finished it regardless — albeit slower. However, we can still strengthen our skills in order to make sure that we learn them properly. Good job finishing all french lessons! :-)


I'm having the same problem! Just now finished a lesson with only five exercises. The amount of exercises per lesson seems to vary... I've counted 5, 10, 15, 17, 18... 20 is rare today!


Although it went back to 20 exercises for me, I've encountered some more lessons with fewer exercises (including a few with just 5 exercises), so it still seems to vary for me as well.


I actually had the exact same problem with Modal Verbs a few weeks ago, but I did the two "completed" units anyway and thought I'd seen most of the sentences before in earlier units. So that might be the reason for that part. However, I haven't had the problem with 5 sentences per lesson, as I use mostly the app.


I guess that one possibility is that Modal Verbs were available at an earlier stage before on duolingo and that we maybe already did those lessons (which back then could've had a different label possibly) without remembering.


You've probably discovered that there is another thread on this issue- the short lessons. I just saw yours.

Here's the link to that thread. (It does not address the issue of being told that you'd already completed lessons, however. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3879427

There I posted something about my experience, having been alerted to the um... consternation of others. B/c I also got 5 questions..... below is copy of my comment there.

I have a "report from the front" that may help explain (partly) what is going on.

As I said in an earlier comment, I went through French passe compose lessons yesterday. Only five questions each, all French to English translations.

I just redid lesson 2 and lesson 3. All questions were again asking for French to English translations.

Lesson 2 again had 5 questions, but none were the same as the ones I got when I first did the lesson.

Lesson 3, again, at first attempt, also had 5 questions. The first two questions were different from the ones when I first did the lesson. I quit the lesson b/c I missed the second question. And, then I "redid" it again. This time, there were 10 questions! And none of the questions were the same as when I originally did the lesson at first attempt, moving through the tree. And, the 10 questions also did not repeat the two I got when I first "redid" lesson 3.

So, hmmmm.... seems that Duo is up to something. There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear. ~ But, it might turn out to be okay.


Ha, I came here to see if this was some new thing. Yesterday everything was normal. This morning I refreshed two skills and they each had only about 10 questions. Maybe less, I actually didn't count - I was so surprised when the lesson was done - I looked at the bar and saw how short it was, and I'm like, "what"?? Evidently this is a bug, not a feature?

I'll check back later and see anything's changed.


It's still varying for me, and I've finished 10 skills so far today, it feels a bit wrong, because usually I don't get this much done, haha. I also hope it's just a bug and I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be.

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