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"Fiets jij elke week 's morgens naar het station?"

Translation:Do you bike to the station in the morning every week?

July 26, 2014



I found it hard to understand what is meant by "in the morning every week".


I think it should be "in the morning of every day in the week"...


That's very cumbersome and not really something that someone would say.

[deactivated user]

    I understand what it means but, it is a very hard one to get the English syntax right and still keep duo happy. "Do you cycle to the station every week in the mornings" was about the best I could get. But it was still rejected. Oh well...


    I know, this is quite frustrating :(


    It might be my hiberno-english but does anyone else think that "in the mornings", "in the nights" etc. should be accepted?

    [deactivated user]

      Not just hiberno. I put a report requesting Mornings as more natural to imply every morning in the week. This course is still in Beta so I think reports for syntactical issues like this are fairly important at this stage. Very happy with course overall so far though, they have done a good job.


      I'm confused. Is it every morning of each week, or is it once a week in the morning? "Weekly" and "in the mornings" seem to be somewhat contradictory modifiers.


      Should the following answer be accepted as well "Do you weekly bike to the station in the morning"? It seems like a combination of the two that duo suggests.


      Don't worry about this sentence. Duolingo is a great site but this is not their best sentence. My husband is Dutch and the things he said about this sentence were "bad", "old fashioned", and 'ambiguous".


      This is the 2nd time I've written an answer that essentially means the same as the correct solutions but with a slightly different word order!


      I wrote "You bike every week in the morning to the station?" I think that should be accepted, since it means the exact same thing in English.


      I almost got this right, but why isn't "Do you bike to the station weekly in the morning?" unacceptable?

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