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Nudging students to complete assignments


I am wondering if there is a way within the system to "nudge" a student that has not completed his assignment? Someway that Duolingo would automatically send them a message if they have not compelted the task by a day before it is due, or a button I can click on if they are past due which would send them some kind of notification? It would save me a lot of time!!

Also - A lot of my students are finding that Duolingo isn't registering their progress when an assignment is assigned. They end up sending me screenshots of the amount of time they spent on it and how many points they gained but the assignment isn't compelted. Can someone adivse on this?

Thanks, Shosh

May 15, 2020



There is currently a lag due to the high volume -- Duo is working on it. I suggest wait a day to post grades.

Also, make sure your students know that Duolingo Stories is not connected to Assignment XP. They get personal XP for them, but not Assignment XP.

As for nudging them... All I can say is get them in the habit of doing Duolingo one time a day. (My colleague was creating day-long minimal XP assignments at first... He doesn't do that any more.) And remind the group constantly in whatever methods of communication you use. Just remind everybody, not just your procrastinators. It will be easier.

And besides, kids need that "personal touch" right now. An e-mail from you -- even a blanket e-mail to all your students -- will carry more weight than a teary-eyed green owl, strangely enough. :) Don't you think?

You are right that it is time-consuming to notify individual students. Those students are probably missing regular classwork, too, right? So you will need to try to reach out to them anyway. This whole remote teaching adventure is so difficult... The best we can do is try to keep our kiddos enthusiastic, huh?


If there were notifications in the app, this would not be a problem.


There is a send reminder option for each assignment.

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