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  5. "Hij is dokter van beroep."

"Hij is dokter van beroep."

Translation:He is a doctor by profession.

July 26, 2014



"He is a doctor by profession" is often used when a medical doctor takes on a new role - "Sam Galbraith was a doctor by profession" (the late Sam Galbraith was a prominent politician but formerly a skilled neurosurgeon). "Hank Wangford is a doctor by profession" (and then he became a Country and Western artist and songwriter).

"He is an electrician to trade" (or plasterer or plumber or whatever) is more commonly used for skilled craftsmen taking on a new role - "Harrison Ford was a carpenter to trade before he became a famous actor".


I think that should be 'by trade'...


Beroep = Beruf (German)


is there some way of re-writing this to make it an acceptable translation?......"his profession is a doctor"


"He is a doctor by profession" is actually the standard formulation. Less formal would be, "He is a doctor." But that doesn't quite capture the meaning. For example, you might say, "He is a doctor by profession, though he is better known as a human rights advocate." In that sentence, "by profession" serves to emphasize the distinction between his job and his public persona.

"His profession is a doctor" is rather awkward and also a bit off since it is he, not his profession, who is a doctor.


Why he works as a doctor not accepted :((


"He works as a doctor" is not quite the same. He might be a doctor but not work at all. He could make his money by trading on the prestige of his medical degree to endorse energy drinks.


lol, hella your joke sense pushed me out of my seat instead ensuring me to accept the fixated statement XD.. a drink vendor with medical degree certificate lol


"he is a professional doctor" should be acceptable, imho


In your sentence, 'professional' is an adjective. That's makes the sentence essentially different.


do you know many unprofessional doctors?


A professional doctor can be be unprofessional, and some definitely are. I think you meant "amateur doctors."


Yes, the doctors giving more and more plastic surgery to people who is getting a monsterĀ“s face instead of an improvement are really unprofessional, dont you think?


Would 'by calling' (perhaps more literal) work instead of 'by profession'?


No, that would be "roeping". Quite a different thing..


His profession is doctor ????


"He is doctor by profession" should count in my opinion. I am not a native english speaker, so please correct me if I'm wrong and not know about a rule in english grammer, but it sounds correct to me...


You would need an article before doctor to have a proper sentence in English. "He is A doctor by profession."


Hij is arts van beroep zou goedgekeurd moeten worden.


Why not "hij is een dokter"?


because it explicitly states "by profession" - putting emphasis on that.


Hij is een dokter? Why no een?


That's just not how it is said in Dutch. Dutch and German do not use the article ("een" or "ein") in this type of sentences that state someone's profession.

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