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"This novel is about what the author saw in Asia."

Translation:Ce roman parle de ce que l'auteur a vu en Asie.

May 15, 2020



I used raconter instead of parler but it wasn't accepted - should it be?


Ce roman raconte ce que l'auteur a vu en Asie. Not accepted? Any solid reason?

[deactivated user]

    Pourquoi pas "Ce roman est au sujet de..." ?


    Because it is ugly French.

    [deactivated user]

      Hello Sitesurf. Thank you for the information. I take this opportunity to give you another one. Off topic in relation to this exercise, but you asked me to alert you if I found a case concerning the non-compliance with the inversion rules in interrogation mode. I found one. The sentence is "I can't stop crying, do you have any tissues". The answer ".... as-tu des mouchoirs" is still refused to this day. Duolingo demands "..... tu as des mouchoirs". Thank you for doing your best to advance this correction which, like many others, has been awaiting treatment for months and months.


      I reported the missing translations (Je n'arrête pas de pleurer, [est-ce que tu as/as-tu/est-ce que vous avez/avez-vous] des mouchoirs ?) to the staff in charge of this course. Thanks!

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you ! We just have to hope that they are as reactive and effective as you.


        Why not "parle a"? The term "is about" could be "speaks to" and is no worse than "parle de" which could literally be "speaks of". Neither one is a precise translation, both mean essentially the same thing in colloquial english but one is marked wrong. Why?


        PROBLEM: I have had a whole series of wordbank exercises which arrived in Pre-completed form. It happens now and then, but I just had about 7 in a row.


        why not: au sujet de instead of parle de

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