I realise I'm far from perfect but does practice go on forever?

May 15, 2020


Probably yes, unless you are fortunate enough to live and/or work in an area where Gaelic is spoken everyday and in all areas of life (home, shops, schools, etc).

Mo chreach!! Thanks a lot for replying. Och well, I suppose I'll just have to keep on at it and as I said above I guess I'm far from perfect and in doing a bit every day I shall be able to correct my errors, quite often the same ones!! Somehow thought being in the Diamond league and really working hard to be in the top ten I'd move on a bit but think I'll concentrate more on gardening which at this time of the year is rather more demanding, but so satisfying. I love trying to have Gaelic, but perhaps doing less will be just as pleasant?! Keep enjoying all these courses dear AJF and once again many thanks.

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