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What is the difference between portable and telephone?

What is the difference between portable and telephone?

May 15, 2020



In France, "téléphone portable" or the shorter "portable" means cell/mobile phone.

In Quebec, “téléphone cellulaire” or the shorter “cellulaire” is often used.

But because “portable” can be used for both cell/mobile phone (short for téléphone portable) and also for for laptop (short for ordinateur portable) many people simply use "téléphone" to refer to either a cell/mobile or a landline.


Portable: Cell Phone
Téléphone: Phone


Portable-Mobile Phone Telephone-Home Phone/Landline

Hope this helps!


portable means a mobile phone and telephone means a landline

i am not sure

but i hope this helps you


Potable is your cell phone. And telephone is like a landline or a phone in your house.


téléphone is any kind if phone, but can be a landline or a mobile phone depending on the context. the specific word for landline is téléphone fixe.


"Potable" is when it's just good enough, not even average (pay attention to the spelling).


From the American Heritage Dictionary (online):
Potable adj. Fit to drink.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin pōtābilis, from Latin pōtāre, to drink, from pōtus, a drink]

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