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Are Stories a viable method of learning french?

I notice that there is quite a large amount of stories available. I would just like to know exactly how effective these are to my learning and understanding of the language.

May 15, 2020



its complimentary..when you are learning new things you might want to practise it but you may not have someone to talk to in that language. so stories plays a crucial role to make you understand how french people speaks. they must be tried along with learning the language..


It's a great way to practice listening and reading comprehension. It was relatively easy for an intemediate learner like me, up until around Set 12, where they started asking the questions in French. Stories, no matter what level, will give you some sort of challenge, taking on new vocuabulary, grammar, and the use of multiple tenses with every set you go up. I recommend you use stories alongside the lessons you do. It really helps!


they help practice listening. you learn some new vocabulary. you practice vocabulary you already know by reading and understanding the words over and over.

they are a step in between learning the language and books and movies, it makes it easier.

it helps practice understanding the language by itself and not by translation, which is important to become fluent in a language.

Edit: just like practicing vocabulary, you learn grammar by reading it and being used to it, rather than learning rules, which are less effective. it becomes intuitive.


^^^ This.

The stories are a great way to introduce early Intermediate studies. They start off very simple, but by the halfway mark, you're working entirely in the language, since the questions appear in the target language, not in English.

If you're a beginner in your language, you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed with the Duolingo stories. They are designed to supplement knowledge already acquired, not teach it in an organic way.


You need the lessons as well.


They'd need more stories too teach more vocab. If they were more stories that covered all the vocab and grammar, then stories would be the central part. I'd still keep the lessons always, but with the hypothetical larger extent of stories, they could become central.

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