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  5. "Thank you, Finlay"

"Thank you, Finlay"

Translation:Tapadh leat, Fhionnlaigh

May 15, 2020



There's no audio for the Fhionnlaigh tile so I'm not sure how it sound


Should there be an 'a' before Fhionnlaigh?


If Fhionnlaigh started with a consonant – yes. But this a disappears before vowels and Fhionnlaigh starts with a vowel (notice that lenited fh is silent).

See how similarly a changes to an in English before vowels, even though the word is written with a silent consonantal sign in the beginning, eg. an honour.


So in deciding whether or not to use the vocative particle, you take account of whether the next consonant is silent after lenition? I.e. particle before b because bh makes a noise, but not before f because fh doesn’t.

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