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Make Discuss option available on multiple choice exercises

I frequently have a question about multiple choice answers. For example I've just come across this : Antoine habite à l'étranger , mais grâce à Internet , nous nous parlons tous les jours . Même si nous sommes loin , nous sommes très proches !

Je ...

The answer choice was easy, but why doesn't Internet have an article? There is no way of asking. I've had quite a few of these since the rebuild.

May 15, 2020



haha. I've noticed this in French and Spanish as well. Odd, because so many words require articles in those languages but not in English. Grâce à Internet (gracias a Internet) is one of those that doesn't require it. I think it is regarded as a proper noun, like Dieu (notice that grâce à Dieu doesn't have an article either.)

I agree that it would be ideal to have discussion pages for all exercises, not just some of them.


This must be a French thing - I'm sure we have it in Hungarian.


I have not seen these types of questions in other courses. Well, maybe in Spanish, but not in Catalan or Arabic. The exercise goes like this: A voice comes on and speaks a paragraph. 3 or 4 sentences. You have to listen closely. Like, it may say, "Je suis très déçu de mon client. Il a dit qu'il était dans son appartement pendant toute la nuit du 13 janvier. Mais quand j'ai parlé avec sa femme, elle m'a dit que son mari était sorti quelques heures.
Je ne sais pas quoi faire."

Then it might ask something like, "Qui parle?" and give you choices:

  1. un boulanger
  2. un avocat
  3. un presentateur
  4. un médecin

I'm just making this one up and there may be grammatical or spelling errors in my example, but that's a new type of exercise which showed up in the French course a few months ago. For those, there is a Report button but not a Discuss button.


Okay - no we don't have that exercise in Hungarian. (I wish we did)

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