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"I'll have to go to class every day."

Translation:Je devrai aller en cours tous les jours.

May 15, 2020



How is one to know which preposition to use? Au cours. en cours, au travail etc.


To the English language ear "TO the class" sound right, but French emphasizes that you will be in or among the class when you get there. They also say you take your vacation "en famille" in or among your family rather than at your family.


because the full expression is 'aller en cours'. 'au travail' is not a place to study.


Thank you, but is there a way to discern which to use in any given situation? Or is it just a matter of memorizing all the cases?


I try to internalise such expressions little by little because there are (probably) no rules. Isn't it the same with every language?

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