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  5. "Jullie eten rijst."

"Jullie eten rijst."

Translation:You eat rice.

July 26, 2014



Y'all can be used as a translation for Jullie


It also accepts "you all", but really y'all is always my first impulse for things like this - since really it seems like regional stuff like that's the closest thing English has to a second-person plural pronoun.

Now, if they counted words like youins, youse, or yinz, I'd be impressed.


actually, originally 'you' was THE 2nd P. Pl. pronoun for English, and 'thou' was the singular form. we started using ONLY 'you', but it still functions as both a singular and plural pronoun in English. except for changing dialects, as you've said, that use 'ya'll'.


Scots English has "youse" for 2nd person plural.

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    Is Jullie the formal you for Dutch? Or plural?

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you!


      The formal 2nd person (singular ánd plural) is 'u'.


      The letter R, is pronounced different in some words. Where to pronounce it like r in english and like r in for example german or french?


      I'm repeating what I've read elsewhere in the Dutch comments: the majority of Dutch speakers roll the "r" more like a Spanish speaker (tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth), and a minority swallow it a bit more (back of the tongue against the throat) like a German or French speaker. Nobody seems to say that it's like the American "r" (tip of the tongue curved up into the front of the mouth, touching nothing).


      there are regions where they have the american-like r, but it sounds relatively posh to most other people.


      Is Jullie the Dutch equivalent to the German Sie, or French vous when speaking to someone you don't know in a formal sense.


      Nope. Jullie is the informal second person plural, u is the formal second person plural. Although Dutch are quite informal, so it is possible that a Dutch person would use jullie in a situation where a German or French person would always use Sie/vous.


      After I posted this I went back to look a the personal pronouns,"U" should be easy to remember.

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