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Mixed Language Practice?

For those of us learning multiple languages, I think it would be great to have a practice mode where you can practice all the languages you are trying to learn at the same time.

May 8, 2013



That is actually a really good suggestion. I try to mix it up a lot by doing sets of rapid back to back tests across the 6 languages, to improve both my skills in each and to just test my concentration abilities. So being able to set tests for 3 or more languages at once, and between, for example, Italian, French and German (No English) would be really challenging and really help to reinforce your skill levels. It would also be great to help recognise linguistic patterns where each language reinforces the other, and where each language can detract, which is really fun and interesting if you are into comparative linguistics.


At first I was thinking that each page in the quiz would be like a question for another language. But then I thought what about having each language in the same question? For example, you are told to translate a certain phrase from one language, but instead of the usual where you have one text box to translate between two languages, you would have multiple text inputs, and would have to translate the phrase into each corresponding language.


I'm amazed that you can learn so many languages at once. I'm finding just the one hard enough.

Does learning several languages at once make each individual language easier to learn? Or are you all already fluent in several languages and just using this site to refresh old knowledge?


I was hoping that a language site would come up with a matching game where by you could choose which two languages you wanted to play in. And then, a more advanced game would have you choosing 3 - 5 languages, and have to match 3 - 5 cards (depending on how many languages you chose). I'd limit it to 10 matching sets or the player could be scrolling way too much. Admittedly, limiting it to 3 languages is better only because the scrolling to find the other cards to flip over, gets old real quick. I used to have a online matching game before JS3 came out and parts of JS2 code was no longer allowed.

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