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  5. "One, two, five"

"One, two, five"

Translation:tááłaʼí, naaki, ashdla

May 16, 2020



Can anyone please tell me how i can get a good Navajo keyboard??


If you are on your mobile app, when the keyboard comes up to use, down at the bottom, next to the space bar, is a world--Press and hold that to bring up your installed keyboards and at the bottom of that is "Language Settings" or something like that. Press that and it'll show you your installed list. At the bottom of the window press "Add Keyboard", select "Navajo" or "Diné bizaad" (Navajo in native language) to install. When you get a typing question, the new keyboard should automatically come up. But sometimes you may need to press and hold the world to specifically pick the Navajo keyboard. It should have all the accents and hooks on the letters, etc. Hope this helps.


My phone does not do the "accent" symbols, therefore I get stuck on certain levels and can't advance. VERY FRUSTRATING!!


DL calls "typo" here if I write ashdla', but isn't the final glottal stop (') actually acceptable pronunciation? DL elsewhere suggests it can be spelled ashdla OR ashldla'. Am I missing something?

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