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New user: Where is the Skill tree, Tips & Notes, and Questions?

Hi, I just started w/DuoLingo a couple weeks ago. It's fun, and I'm enjoying the quizzes (and the comments on some of them), but where is the learning part?

When I click "Next Lesson" it jumps to the quiz part immediately.

I know I must be missing something obvious. I did a quick search on the net about it, and found this review when DL first went live, and there is a screen shot near the top of the review (very positive) similar to what I'm looking for: http://www.fluentin3months.com/duolingo/

The screen shot shows the Tree, and it shows a couple tabs, one marked Tips and Notes (introducing the lesson and explaining the main concept) and the other called Questions.

My guess this was an older design for DL? But surely there is still some areas where explanations and practice are provided, before you get to the quiz part (with the 3 hearts that disappear as you give incorrect answers).

Thanks for any help! AM

July 26, 2014



What you call the quiz part is the lesson. You scroll over new words to find out what they are, and even on old words when you can't remember. The listening questions are a bit harder, but you can turn them off if you choose. (on settings) The Tips and Notes is on the top of each lesson (but not on French, from what I've seen, and maybe some others).


Ah, thanks! So I haven't missed anything. Hmph. I haven't seen a Tips or Notes yet. Anyway ... I have to say your news is a bit disappointing. The quizzes or tests or questions whatever they're called are enjoyable, but essentially mystifying. I'm often just guessing, and so the dying hearts are frustrating. Are most people actually learning the language elsewhere, then, and using Duolingo to gauge their progress?


If you scroll over words it should show the translation. But I have noticed on Dutch that I am mostly guessing because scrolling over new words it doesn't appear. So it is on Duo's faulty part.


Also, they revamped it, new design. The 'tree' changed, now it is the buttons you see with pictures on them.

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