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What is the difference between the pronunciation of cher and chère?

What is the difference between the pronunciation of cher and chère?

May 16, 2020



In standard French, both according to the dictionary and in my experience, they are pronounced exactly the same. When you hear it you have to figure out from the context which one is the correct form.

But in some dialects or sometimes for artistic reasons like in a song there can be a difference where the silent -e at the end of chère is pronounced.


They both pronounce the same in standard french, some local accents may pronounce the final -e. (French native speaker here)


Hello, i am french,

I do not really how can explain it to you .

So i will try...

In the word "cher" we hear two sounds : Ch + èr

In the word "chère" (fem) we hear three sounds : ch + èr + re


No difference but, you will say Chère Amanda - Chè.re.A.man.da Cher Armand - Che.rAr.mand

If there isn't E at the end of the word, you should say the liaison

(I'm french but my english is bad, sorry..)


C’était parfaitement claire. Merci !

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