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  5. "The fitting room was dirty."

"The fitting room was dirty."

Translation:La cabine d'essayage était sale.

May 16, 2020



Duo didn't like me saying Salle d'essayage. Surely a cabine d'essayage is a fitting cubicle


pourquoi utilise-on l'imparfait et pas le passé composé ?


When you use être with the passé composé, it will often describe a situation that is over now. La cabine d'essayage a été sale sounds like The fitting room has been dirty, but is not anymore. Which may not be the meaning of the original sentence.

 utilise-on  utilise-t-on


I don't know about anyone else, but I can't remember a time when I've ever used "fitting room" in a sentence. Dressing room, maybe ... but never fitting room.

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