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"C'est super, il y a de l'ananas pour le dessert !"

Translation:That's awesome; there is pineapple for dessert!

May 16, 2020



Can C'est be It is and That is in thsi context?

I wrote: "It is awesome, there are pineapples for desert." Wondering if it has to be That is awesome?



Why 'pour le dessert' here but it was 'en dessert' for the apple tart example (Il y a de la tarte aux pommes en dessert'


I'm sorry, what is the difference between there's pineapple and there is pineapple? I hope your French is better than your English.


Duo says that there is an error in my answer. It wants THERE IS instead of THERE'S. The problem is that there is no IS in the answers.


you actually don't know what duo wants. the algorithm isn't that sophisticated. what duo posted as the correct answer doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what was wrong. so you have to look at your sentence again and forget what duo posted or copy and paste it here so someone can help.


"Ananas"... now borrowed to the Russian language as ананас.

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