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"There is a store in this beautiful apartment building."

Translation:Il y a un magasin dans ce bel immeuble.

May 16, 2020



Why bel and not beau? The hints had both.


Bel is used in place of beau before words that start with vowels or 'h'



Thank you, that's very helpful. It would be nice if Duolingo explained this in the task!

[deactivated user]

    but i thought cet was used i the next word started with a vowel.


    But if you put an adjective between them, the noun no longer comes right after "cet", so it turns into "ce", so it's "cet immeuble", but "ce bel immeuble".


    So is immeuble specifically an apartment building? No need to say immeuble d'apartement


    Why ce immeuble not cet immeuble?


    exactly my question too........


    Because it's neither of those. There's a word in between. "bel" is the one that is modified because of the vowel. "ce" is before "bel", so there's no vowel.


    Yes, I've worked it out from another thread on here. Great help


    how can I understand that it is "bel Immeuble" (noun follows the adjective) not (Immeuble bel) while we say "veste jaune" in which the adjective follows the noun?!!


    A quick way to remember is if the adjective in question is a 'b.a.g.s.' adjective, these ones come before the noun! B = beauty (beau, joli, vilan) A = age (jeune, vieux, nouveau) G = goodness (bon, meilleur, mauvais, gentil) S = size (petit, grand, gros) (there are more that can be used in each category, those are just examples) I learned this in my French class in school and I haven't forgot it, adj placement used to always mess me up!


    like, yeah french, make up your mind


    Copy pasted my answer, which was marked as wrong : "il y a un magasin dans ce bel appartement"

    Doesn't immeuble only refer to the building, and not the apartment part of the sentence?

    I thought it would suffice to translate the apartment and leave the building out, but it's apparently the other way round... Why is this so?


    Because an apartment is only a part of the whole apartment building. If you say "appartement", it means you're talking about a single apartment in the building, rather than the building itself.


    I also had this problem, curious if anyone has an answer..


    how do i know when to use beau and when to use bel?


    When "beau" is followed by a word that starts with a vowel sound, you use "bel" instead.


    Instead of Duolingo students having to scroll through comments to find an explanation, it would be better if there was a tip that appears after the student has answered the question.


    There are some of those, but then some people hate those because they already know what was wrong or it misinterpreted what the problem was. Also, someone would have to create all those possible tips and add code to recognize them, etc. It's easier to just look here in the comments where you can get more detailed explanations. But make sure you read all the TIPS for each lesson because often it's already been explained there.


    Why not an apartment building? It could be any sort of building?


    Immeuble d'appartement is wrong? Im confused..


    Thanks for the link. Very helpful

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