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"The store is in the new apartment building."

Translation:Le magasin est dans le nouvel immeuble.

May 16, 2020



What is the difference between 'nouvel' and 'nouveau'?


Nouveau becomes nouvel in front of a vowel sound : un nouvel homme, un nouvel ordinateur...


It's weird they emphasise appartenant building and the answer is only building


Why is the word for appartment left out?


it is implied - immeuble can mean any building or specifically an apartment building, depending on context


Why show batiment in hints as an option but then disallow it?


Nouveau or nouvel??


Shouldn't the adjective come after the noun?


Remember the BANGS rule, an earlier lesson. So easy to forget these things - I do it all the time too. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25017515/BANGS-rule


BAGS Forget the N


Hello dear friends, could someone explain the difference between the adjectives, "nouveau" and "nouvel" and also "beau" and "bel" more precisely?


el is replacing eau in adjectives when the following word begins with a vowel sound, for euphonie reasons. It rolls better of the tongue.

To help you with that, try to put the adjective in the feminine form : Nouveau (masculine) and Nouvelle feminine. Every adjective following that rule should take the ending el when in front of a masculine noun beginning with a vowel sound.

N.B : I guess nouveau and beau are the only instances. Another one would be jumeau but jumel wouldn't make sense because jumeau always comes after the noun it describes (-> un frère jumeau).

N.B bis : In the same idea, bon is pronounced like its feminine "bonne" whenever it is placed in front of a vowel sound (only pronounced like it though, still spelled the same). That is why writing bonne anniversaire is a common mistake French speakers tend to make.


Is it wrong to say "dedans" instead of "dans"? My sentence was marked incorrect: Le magasin est dedans le nouvel immeuble.


"dedans" means inside it. Saying dedans le would sound like saying inside it it.

An example of how to use dedans : "Il y a un immeuble, et le magasin est dedans."

Please note that you could find occurrences of "dedans le/la" in outdated texts or as a stylistic device in some songs or poems.

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