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"I'm knitting him one for Christmas; he will be happy."

Translation:Je lui en tricote un pour Noël, il sera content.

May 16, 2020



Why is en there? Tricoter is "to knit", un is, I assume, the "one" mentioned, it's like a tautology to add en!


un is, I assume, the "one" mentioned

You can't translate word for word.You need en here in french. We don't say one in that case but one of those and that's what en means.


Thanks. It's just that DL says use en when there is no number!!! In this case, there was a number! They need to improve their explanations. If I wasn't so bloody minded I'd have chucked this in ages ago. It's getting less "inspirational" with each "update"!


Why is un also needed? I thought en replaced de and the article. Does it only replace de and and indefinite article?


I could be wrong but I think je lui en tricote without the un would be closer to "I'm knitting him some".


why are we saying LUI EN when before it was t'en?


t'en - I'm knitting you one


This contraction is used for "le", not for "lui".


Je lui en tricote un pour Noel, il sera heureux. (Why is this incorrect, please)

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