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  5. I need my 135 days steak back


I need my 135 days steak back

I have a problem which is I've lost my 135 days streak. After I done my practice session today I was shocked by this picture: http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu284/ELkTRa_SoUL/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2014-07-27-20-58-23.png You can see that Thursday & Saturday are remarked with red!!!!! I thought it's some kind of an error in Duolingo's database, so I decided to keep moving and practice another lesson and I was right Duo corrected it's error in Android application only, but not on my account. Here is the proof: http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu284/ELkTRa_SoUL/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2014-07-26-22-02-25.png You can see my 135 days streak still not coming back!! Those days streak were my motivation to keep learning, Please, I need my 135 days streak back and I'll be really grateful.

July 26, 2014



Post in Troubleshooting rather than Spanish and you may be more likely to get a response.


Thank you for your response and help, I'm sorry this topic wasn't active to me when I posted this ,but it is OK I fix it now:-), thanks for your time.


I lost my streak at 123 days. And I had not broken my daily lessons. I don't really care but it kind of makes the whole streak motivation meaningless.


You are right, and I do thought like you and took 2 days streak, but lucky me I got them back again thanks god, I hope the same for you. Thanks for stopping by;-)


This should be moved to troubleshooting (edit, post to:troubleshooting)

Is the time on your phone correct and matching the timezone you were in when you first made your duolingo account? On the website (and possibly on the app as well), the graph is based off of your local computer/phone time, but the streak isn't. The steak is based off a global clock that cannot be changed (I think this is done to prevent users from cheating the system by changing their clocks).

If you move this to troubleshooting, someone from duolingo may be able to look at your account and see what is going on. You can also send a message using the Support tab on the left hand side.

(also, i think you can check your current timezone by right-clicking the web page, clicking view page source, and using ctrl + F to search "timezone")


Thank you so much for your help and being so generous with your time to post this, I want to add that I was trying a new tablet and after I downloaded Duo and practice one lesson I was shocked by the first picture, so my family trying to help found that the date and time was not accurate(27/7 instead of 26/7), so we reset it and the day's problem was fixed, but not my streak as the second picture can tell, despite I didn't miss a day according to the acurate global clock and Duo's system So to summarize it is just a technical problem and I didn't miss even one day In the real world, so I deserve my 136 days by now.you understand what I meant? At the end thanks for your time, forgive me for my poor syntax I'm not a native English speaker and I'll take your advise and using the support tab to make sure they will know my problem and I'll hope they will fix it because I didn't cheat and asking for something I don't deserve.


Hopefully you will get a response from someone at duollingo, I hope they are able to help!


Please get in contact with bchan, she might restore your streak as she did it for several others.


Thank you so much for helping me, I'm really grateful. I contacted with her and I hope she might help me as you said, thanks a gain.


Here is another proof Http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu284/ELkTRa_SoUL/Mobile%20Uploads/1406466580868.jpg this is the last e-mail I received from Duo about my streak days, please look at the date(7/26/2014)you will find I should be in 136 days by now. I also finished the ''Medical skill'' Yesterday you can check my profile ''That is my third proof I'm not cheating'' Please, help me.

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