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"You are free to live like you want to."

Translation:Vous êtes libres de vivre comme vous le voulez.

May 16, 2020



Why not ...comme vous voulez? Why is le needed? Wouldn't that mean, "...as you like it"?


"Tu es libre de vivre comme tu veux " accepted 28 /05/2020 with no "le" required


Sort of. Rather than standing for it, the le stands for to live. The direct translation is You are free to live like you want to [live].

In English we can leave out the verb in the construction want to [do something]. In French you need a pronoun to stand in for [do something].


Thank you for your explanation. I'll try to remember that.


'Live like you want to' sounds wrong here. It should be 'live as you want to'. However, reference to a specific attribute of your life could well be expressed as: You can live like kings in this country; Live like today is your last day; Live like this and you will soon run out of money, etc.


Agreed. It could also be "how" you want.


Why is the 'de' necessary here if vivre means 'to live'


Because it's a quirk of English that the infinitive of a verb is formed by say "to" + verb.

I used to make this mistake a lot until I got it through my head that de and à belong more to the preceding verb/expression.


The downfall of western civilization began with the advertisement, "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should." I can still hear my father (an English teacher) yell from the next room in his booming voice: "AS a cigarette should!"


A lingot for your father!


Why is "Vous êtes libres de vivre comme il vous plaît." rejected.


For once Duo will not accept "tu". It is usually the other way around.


Duo accepted it from me. "tu es libre de vivre comme tu le veux"


Not accepted with tu


Duo didn't accept, "Tu es libre de vivre comment tu veux." Is it so wrong?


comment is how as in how did you do that ... comme is how as in 'as/like' also you need to provide (re-reference) the object of the main clause..'your life'.. and you do this by preceding 'veux' with the direct object pronoun 'le'


Tu es litres de vivre comme tu le veux


Litre is the wrong word, but even if you typed libres the -s is wrong for tu


Why not "tu es libre de vivre comme tu en veux"?


"EN" normally replaces a noun modified by some type of quantity syntax. that does not apply here. Literally this sentence is saying "you are free to live as you want (to live/do) IT.... so 'le' is the object pronoun for the (implied) verb.. live/do IT... Here is a lesson for EN. https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/en-adverbial-pronoun/


What is wrong with "tu es libres de vivre comme tu le veux?"


What's wrong with "tu es libres de vivre comme tu le veux"?


DeepL makes two suggestions that would never have occurred to me:

  1. "Vous êtes libres de vivre comme vous l'entendez."
  2. "Vous êtes libres de vivre comme vous vous voulez."

Are these both good translations?

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