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"L'insegnante come usava questo libro?"

May 8, 2013



If "usava" can be translated as "used", why is "How did the teacher use this book?" wrong?


I don't think your answer was wrong. But to be on the safe side I try to use translations that imply more strongly that it was occurring over a period of time.

This is definitely a difficult unit because all of the correct answers have not been filled in yet. I guess its more practice, but it is also frustrating sometimes!


Ok, I get it) But it's really frustrating as hell, especially when there are no more hearts left)


For reference "would" works as well here. "How would the teacher use this book"

I agree. This is the ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ duolingo chapter I am doing. I am not sure if I am learning or memorizing the duolingo answers right now.

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