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  5. "Het doet mij niks."

"Het doet mij niks."

Translation:It does not have an effect on me.

July 26, 2014



'It does not effect me' is not accepted.


I know this comment is 3 months old, but maybe it will help someone else who happens to have the same query.

So, "It does not effect me" is not correct English. This has to do with the difference between effect vs affect. Usually, effect is used as a noun and affect is used as a verb. So for this to be grammatically correct in English, you'd say "It does not affect me" because here you're using the word as a verb. If you don't want to use it as a verb, then you'd say "It does not have an effect on me". See the difference? You can look up the difference between effect vs affect as others explain is far better.

Now as to whether Duo accepts "It does not affect me", I can't say.


This because they are 2 different verbs; the right verb is 'affect' with an A


Yeah, I had a brainfart. The funny part is that I'm normally the one correcting that mistake for others, believe it or not...


'Brainfart'! rofl


Keep spending those resources. It's a waste you know.


Which resources?

now I'm lost...


No, don't get lost. That was not my intent!


What about "It doesn't matter to me"?


I don't think that'd work. This sentence is more about something not having any effect on you, as in you take medicine, but it won't work on you.


Thank you! I thought it meant simply "it doesn't matter to me" in the sense of "water off a duck's back" - eg you say something offensive to me and then apologise, could you say "het doet mij niks?"


It gives me nothing.... doesn't this mean the same in English as "it doesn't have any effect on me"?


no, that isn't said in English English.


what is the difference between "niks" and "nets"


I believe they're interchangeable.


They are, but niks is more informal.


"It doesn't matter" is not accepted, but why not? If it's too general, would "it doesn't matter to me" be accepted?


"It doesn't matter to me" translates to "het maakt mij niets uit". ;)


How about "I don't care". Is it too loose?


is "it doesn't do me anything" correct english? It sounds ok to me. But i'm not native. And if it's ok, then it should be accepted. right?


"It doesn't do me anything" is not correct English. This sentiment would be expressed more like "It doesn't do anything for me", or the other correct sentences already associated with this answer.


what is the difference between niks and niets what would be translation of Het doet mij niets


Niets and niks mean the exact same thing. Niks is a bit more colloquial.


"I don't mind" y/n? is it idiomatically interchangeable or no?


No, "Het doet mij niks" is more like "I don't care for it", so perhaps the opposite of the sentiment expressed by "I don't mind".


In what context can you use this sentence?


Hi Dbeeva, you can use it in any occasion when something "touches" you (physically or psychologically) and it has no effect on you. In my previous post, I wrote some examples: you walk outside while there is a cold strong wind, you can say "De wind doet me niks omdat ik goed gekleed ben" (I am learning English, however I'll try to translate it like this:) "The wind does not have effect on me because I am dressed well" Or: "Zijn beledigingen doen me niks" "His insults don't have effect (meaning:"don't hurt") on me. Best wishes, Lu.


Hello! Be careful to distinguish the words 'effect' and 'affect' - "the wind has no effect on me" (noun); "the wind does not affect me" (verb). But otherwise, thank you for your interesting post!


'It does nothing for me' was accepted - it means 'it doesn't affect me', or you might say that of a piece of art if it leaves you cold/ you are indifferent to it


So, judging from the comments, the general meaning is something like "I'm not moved/affected by it" (in a negative or positive way), and not "It doesn't harm me" - is that right?

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