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  5. "I am Margaret."

"I am Margaret."

Translation:Is mise Mairead.

May 16, 2020



Why not "tha mi"?


Because that’s the wrong verb to state who you are. *tha mi Mairead, *tha e fear, and similar are completely ungrammatical sentences that don’t make any sense in Gaelic.

See the second part of this recent post of mine which explains it. Gaelic has two separate to be verbs, tha (form of the bi verb) can only be used to describe sth or someone or their whereabouts (it takes only adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases as its predicate).

To state who someone is, you use the copula is or more complex idiomatic phrases.


You give 2 alternatives for the name. It doesnt matter which I choose it is always wrong. Can younplease update your app? I have even made triple sure I have it spelled correctly and it will always choose the opposite spelling and take a jewel as an incorrect answer.

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