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  5. "a new apartment building"

"a new apartment building"

Translation:un nouvel immeuble

May 16, 2020



What's the difference between nouvel ans nouveau ????????


Both are masculine singular BUT because a vowel follows use nouvel. This is how I interpret my dictionary.


DL just did something really weird and I don’t know how to report it.

I mistakenly put un nouveau immeuble, and it followed up with one of those drill exercises telling me that adjectives have to go after the noun, and then insisting I enter un immeuble nouveau, not un nouvel immeuble.

Since nouveau is a BANGS adjective, this probably means something quite different. But, DL shouldn’t actively teach incorrect grammar.


I had the exact same thing just there. Again, dont know how to report except to downvote the tip


Me too, that was surprising.


I am not a native French speaker; however, I believe French allows the speaker to vary the position of "new" (before or after the noun) based on whether the speaker is saying the noun is new to the speaker, as opposed to newly created.

Thus "une nouvelle voiture" is a new car as in new to the speaker; "une voiture nouvelle" is a brand-new vehicle straight off the assembly line.


Immeuble is building...why not immeuble des appartements? What if its office building...still immeuble?


Un immeuble is specifically an apartment building or an office building. For any other kind of building, you would rather say un bâtiment.


i'm confused with appartement and immueble. i guess(jsu as i'm writing now)that the formee is a singular apartment(flat in british english)and immueble is the the whole block with all the apartments inside it. is that it?


Yes, immeuble is an entire apartment building. Appartement is a single apartment/flat in the building.


Why is nouvel used and not nouveau?


Because immeuble starts with a vowel. Like ce and cet, nouveau becomes nouvel when it is followed by a word starting with a vowel.


I was wondering this myself. Thanks for the insight!


it has to be nouvel because immeuble starts with a vowel.


I thought beauty, size, AGE (newness), and goodness have the adjective before the noun. Why not is this case??


It is, but Duo seems to be having issues with this one. But it's hard to know if your problem was a bug or if you had a typo without seeing exactly what you wrote.


Why do you say nouveau chapeau, manteau etc - but for immeuble it comes after the word??

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