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Vacances and voyage. anyone can tell me the usage of these two words and their differences?

what is different between faire un voyage and partir en vacances?

Merci beaucoup de votre aide

May 16, 2020



They are similar, but a little different from each other.

faire un voyage ー "to go on a trip / to take a trip"

(which is maybe for a vacation, or to visit someone ー or to go on business if you say faire un voyage d'affaire)

partir en vacances ー "to go on a vacation"


voyager = to travel

aller en vacances, partir en vacance = to go on vacation, to leave on vacation


Partir en vacances is litterally go on vacation And Faire un voyage is go on a trip, Tu peux faire voyage pour aller en vacances, ou tes vacances peuvent être un voyage.


faire = make (or take) a trip/ journey vs partir = go (or leave) on vacation or holiday.


one is like taking/ planning a journey the other is like leaving/ going on leisure time. hope this is more clear. :)


You may spend your vacation, your holiday, at home.

"Nous passons les vacances chez nous"

You may go on a trip without it being a vacation.


Vous pouvons passer le voyage chez nous. (You can spend the trip with us.)

Vous pouvons passer les vacances chez nous. (You can spend the holidays with us.)

Holidays (is a time of leisure). Trip (is a journey, action)


not sure about my grammer though. Seems like we all know anyway. ;)

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