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"She knitted me about a hundred sweaters!"

Translation:Elle m'a tricoté une centaine de pulls !

May 17, 2020



Why de and not des when there are 100 sweaters involved???


I think it is the rule about amounts - for example: beaucoup de rather than beaucoup des.....but you might want to check that!


there are two explanations that fit this. take your pick. both are valid. that's the complexity of modern grammar.

in english the expression 'about YYYYY' designating a quantity is an adverb, so 'une cinquantaine' is a noun being used as an adverb. such adverbs just use 'de' to introduce the complement 'pulls'.

'une cinquantaine' is a noun and 'de pulls' is the modifier of that noun; an adjective if you will--'une cinquantaine de pulls' these two phrases form a 'noun of noun' and the modifier (a noun, pulls) becomes an adjective by adding 'de' to it.

in both cases, 'de' is not acting grammatically, it is lexical.


Why "en" is not needed here.


En is an adverbial pronoun, and you should use either the full object, or the pronoun replacing it, but not both at the same time.
Elle m'a tricoté une centaine de pulls.
Elle m'en a tricoté une centaine.


I came to ask the exact same question after seeing "en" in some sentences and not in others. Thanks for the clear explanation.


I think it is "about" , so undetermined amount.


Elle m'a tricoté une centaine de pulls !

Maintenant, j'en ai une centaine. <-- Now I have a hundred of them.


I understand that une is used with centaine, vingtaine cinquantaine, the une being the key to de pulls and non des pulls. Is that correct?


'une' is necessary because these '-aine' nouns can also have a plural form using 'des' (des is the plural of un/une). 'une' has no connection to the modifying term 'de whatever' (here de pulls). whether singular or plural it will always be 'de'--de marbles, de goldfish, de bobby pins. and will always be a plural noun.

"j'ai une cinquantaine de pulls, mais dans l'entrepôt, j'ai vu des cinquantaines de pulls." (i have about a hundred sweaters, but in the warehouse i saw hundreds of sweaters.)


I believe I wrote exactly the same as the correct answer but it was treated as incorrect. Why?


Next time, copy and paste your typed response in your comment. The moment you hit the Post button, you'll spot your typo. It will leave you shaking your head about how you could miss it, or type that. :)


I am writing exactly the same as the correct answer shown, even with the exclamation mark at the end. Still tells me that I have got it wrong!!

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