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  5. "I do not cook it."

"I do not cook it."

Translation:Ik kook het niet.

July 26, 2014



I used "Ik kook het niet," but is there an acceptable version of this statement using "geen"? That was the original route I tried to takeā€¦ "Ik kook geen het"? It seemed weird so I used the other one.


No. 'Geen' is used with a noun, for instance 'Ik kook geen aardappelen' ('I don't cook potatoes'), but you can't use 'geen' with 'het', just as in English you can't say 'I cook no it'.


right, thanks! I knew it sounded weird, even in Dutch - which I hardly speak!! hehe thanks for the fast response dude, have a lingot :D


Ha I didn't see your response as I was typing mine at the same time and posted after xD


No because 'geen' is for where you'd negate 'een', there's no indefinite article here. You are saying you are not cooking it, meaning you are not cooking something on its own. You cannot say 'I am not cooking a it' (as that doesn't even mean anything), it has to be niet. You can use geen to say: ik kook geen kip or ik kook geen appels etc. But for this sentence, it is: ik kook het niet.

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