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"I have eight pairs of shoes but I want another one."

Translation:J'ai huit paires de chaussures mais j'en veux une autre.

May 17, 2020



Shouldn't it be paires des?


No, expressions of quantity take only the preposition "de", like in English: 'a box of chocolates' = "une boîte de chocolats"; 'a liter of milk' = "un litre de lait"; 'a kilo of oranges' = "un kilo d'oranges" etc. If you use "du/de la/d'/des" it would mean 'of the'.


Several exercises before said UN AUTRE and all of sudden became UNE AUTRE. Any explanation of it?


"La paire" is feminine, so "je veux une autre paire" > "j'en veux une autre".

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