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"This apartment building is the tallest in the city."

Translation:Cet immeuble est le plus haut de la ville.

May 17, 2020



So, how would you translate "this building is the tallest in the world". Why add in the word "apartment" unless you are supposed to translate it?


The general word for a building is un bâtiment.


I thought both words (immeuble and batiment) were general words for building. Certainly google translate thinks immeuble is a general word for building, although I don't trust that all of the time. Doing a google image search for "immeuble" brings up mostly apartment buildings but also some office buildings.


Larousse translates " immeuble" as 'building' and translates "apartment building" as ' immeuble d'habitation'


I agree so why did Duo reject my translation of "Cet immeuble d'appartements est le plus haut de la ville." ?

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