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"The mountains do not hide me."

Translation:Montes me non celant.

May 17, 2020



"montes non me celant" is not accepted, and I can't see why. Pls clarify


Nōn typically directly precedes what it's negating. What you wrote is like "The mountains hide not me [but you]."


That would be a less likely scenario, but I suppose it still should be accepted. Thanks noxnoxnox for clarifying.


Okay, the second time around I remembered not to put cmetzner's version... instead I put "Montes non celant me." It was marked wrong. :(

I have to admit, it didn't really "sound right" even to my novice abilities, but is there really a sound reason for it being "wrong?"


None that I can see. Word order doesn't really matter in this case.


While word order "technically" doesn't matter in most cases, it does matter if it creates confusion, or obscures clarity.

Surely you haven't gotten this far in the course without realizing theres a pattern that is customary.

First there's a subject presented...

Then some person or thing. It's going to recieve some action from the subject, and we would not immediately know what kind, except for the the fact that its accusitive or ablative? (did I get that right?)...

Then some location or relation is revealed...

Then finally the action/perspective is revealed.

With every lesson, I'd try to break this down because it reveals both how they "thought", and how they revealed that thought to another person... which tells you what would have been expected from a listener.

Once you understand this pattern, and see it repeated throughout the literature, with some "flexibility", it becomes silly to argue and insist upon weird word order, for the mere sake of technicality.

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