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Gàidhlig immersion

Halò, a chairdean !

I was wondering the best way to immerse ourselves in the language at home (or library, or relatively close) if one is too far from Alba Nuadh (Nova Scotia), Alba (Scotland) and other places where the language is (more) often spoken.

I'm talking about books (maybe especially children ones?), audiobooks, podcasts, chats, videochats, groups, discords, texts we can read... from levels beginner to advanced. Myself I'm a beginner, but I like to think that I'll get better with time, and I also want to get the information for nice people who are further than me in their learning!

Tapadh leibh, a chairdean!


May 17, 2020



That's a great Idea! I really do want to immerse myself in this wonderful language but I'm not sure where to find good resources


On BBC iPlayer theres a brilliant series called heather's portraits. Or (dealbhan fraoich) and it's basically a lovely little lady having a nice wee blether whilst chatting to someone about how they grew up.

But it's all based in gàidhlig and they usually have good stories about the islands they're from. Worth a watch.


Try entering "resource" into the search box and you'll find this topic has been covered many times before! There's a big list here:

.. and you might also like Gaelic with Jason:


I do really like Gaelic with Jason already :)

[deactivated user]

    If you scroll through " related discussions " there is some helpful advice available there, personally I am trying to learn as much online as I can , I was going to a class in Glasgow but it got cancelled after seven weeks because of the current crisis. I've found learngaelic.scot a good source, also some good stuff on YT.


    Not sure if this is for everyone but I spend a good deal of time tuned into BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal. It's a great resource for conversational listening & pronunciation, as well as a great selection of traditional Gaelic tunes & contemporary Scottish music. The Atlantic Gaelic Academy (AGA) also offers online courses.





    http://sgeulachdan.scot/ This sight has books with audio, pictures and written words. No English though, both the narrating and writing are in Scottish Gaelic.

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