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"My grandmother was born on a small island."

Translation:Ma grand-mère est née sur une petite île.

May 17, 2020



Why is 'Ile' masculine in the one exercise, and feminine in another. No logic


I was just puzzling over this (even went to look up île in the dictionary) and realised that when I thought île was masculine before, it was because the exercise had "son île" in it. I was forgetting the rule that if a noun starts with a vowel or mute h, you use the masculine son instead of sa. (Just like previous examples we've had of mon amie.)


Yes I, too, would like to know why ile is masculine in one exercise and feminine in an other


Whats the logic behind some adjectives being prefixes and others suffixes? Is there an easy rule to remember? Colors come after but size comes before, any other common ones?

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