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Fowl sandwiches, s'il vous plaît?

It's the weekend and my human has been to Le Palais de Versailles. In one of the park's cafés, there was the usual array of filled baguettes, jambon, fromage, etc., all bearing neat labels with English translations for the visitors. No doubt, these were the work of the Duobot, as one selection was described as: "Chicken Crudities". Sorry, make that foul sandwiches!

August 12, 2012



Speaking of avian crudities, un cloaque d'oiseau is not a feather coat... :)


I once passed a Dutch restaurant with a kind of menu board outside. It was meant to be in German, but had ended up in total gibberish. I entered to have a cup of coffee and made a decent text. Then I asked the waiter who had made the text outside. That had been the owner who had worked in Austria for three years. Even granting him that disadvantage, the text was absolutely inacceptable, but the waiter thought his boss would not accept my help. When I payed for the coffee I gave him my version, but a few weeks later the nonsense was still on the board. To give you an inkling: bikes had to be parked at the backside instead at the back. (but in German)


@siebolt - That seems to be peculiar to Austrians. I used to regularly get business mail from Austria with the following inscription in English: "Dear Mr Postman, if you are unable to deliver this, please write on backside."


@ 1km, Then I used a wrong example, because the German word meant "but".

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