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"Tu m'attendras pendant mon rendez-vous."

Translation:You'll wait for me during my appointment.

May 17, 2020



Is French really as bossy as this?


very interesting I thought it sounded wrong until I spoke it out loud in a kind tone of voice and it sounded sweet. I too fell for the temptation to translate languages literally. I thought I was too bright for that. Lesson learnt.


should be: will you wait for me...or is it meant to be a command? if so, then 'please wait for me' would be more correct


I don't think the idea is to be polite !... It might just be something getting settled beforehand.


yes... perhaps. Although all the translations of these future verbs come across as imperative in English...it's not a complaint, just a comment and as a native English speaker, from England, I would never say to anyone 'you will wait (or whatever verb is used) for me ...' because it is authoritative, unless I was indeed giving an order. I know in US English it is usual for 'do you want ....' to translate as 'Please will you...'. I also know it is French we are learning, not English, I just commented in the interests of non-literal translation...the difference between translation and interpretation, technically...


You will not accepted, you'll yes?!

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