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"Do you like spicy black pudding? Yes."

Translation:An toil leat marag-dhubh spìosrach? Is toil.

May 17, 2020



Can I write 《'S toigh l'》 rather than 《'S toil》? I learnt the first one. Is it wrong?


You may write either toil leam or toigh leam – generally both are accepted (and if you find that either isn’t accepted somewhere – report it using the report button below an exercise).


Why was bu toil not accepted? Does it not mean the same as is toil?


No, why would it? It’s a different tense. Is toil leam… means I like… in the present tense. Bu toil leam… is either the past I liked… or conditional I would like… (also used for politely expressing wishes, like in English).

Also, in this exercise it is a question, so you need an toil leat…? for do you like…?. If it were a conditional would you like…? then you’d use am bu toil leat…?.

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