Duo Error

Re the French "Family 4" Lesson - 'Tips': I am only a learner, but Surely the declension of Venir should be... je viens tu viens il vient

not... je viens tu viens il viens

as it is shown in Duolingo?

Best wishes to everybody, and Biggi Stu

May 17, 2020


Good catch. There is an error in the tips. I've found a few of those as well, but I hadn't noticed this one.

I submitted a "bug report" with this image. Should you want to submit one for yourself here is the form (they like to have screenshots):

and here's an error-free verb conjugation table for venir:

tu as raison -

Thank you; I came here to report the same error.

I’m glad to find this thread! I just took the trouble of taking a screenshot and reporting this after STILL finding this mistake during a review! It really confused me way back when I was starting to learn viens-type conjugations and I’m sorry to see the mistake is still there!!

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