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where do I start ?

After a very long hiatus I am finally back on duolingo. I started on this app way back when you could translate song lyrics and send messages on others profiles. That was like freshman year for me. I made it really far on the french tree before I stop using duolingo. I am really impressed with all the new features.

I am extremely rusty but after messing around. it feels like I never forgot the french i learned. So, I am surprised when I understand what's being said without checking for the answer.

I wanted to know from those with experience or not, How did you get back into the groove of remembering/re-learning french after a strong hiatus ?

May 18, 2020



Go to the checkpoints. They look like crenelated turrets, or the rook pieces of a chess set. Click on that to test out of a huge chunk of material. If you pass, move on to the next one. Continue till you fail one. That will tell you where you need to begin. Then you can focus on each of those skills one at a time.


Nice explanation. Plus I learned a new word - crenelated !


bonus: I think the origin of that word is Old French: crenel, from cren (notch), from crener (to notch). The modern word créneler exists in French. Ultimately you can trace it back to the Greek word κρῑ́νω (to separate). I only know that because my son is in the ninth grade and in his world history class they're doing medieval castles and he has had to learn a boatload of new vocabulary. (I suppose this whole coronavirus home-schooling thing has caused me to become more involved in the boy's education than I would normally have been.)


Comme toujours, un commentaire divertissant et informatif. Merci, Angus !


lmao thank you and just for that you are getting 3 lingots


Je vous remercie pour les lingots, monsieur. Vous êtes très généreux.

Lesson 1: that's what I'd say to a really old guy, a stranger, or a knight. To a homeboy, I might say,

Merci le mec. À quoi je dépense tous ces lingots ?

If you can understand all that, then you're probably ready to test out of some of the basic stuff because you don't really need to type "Je suis une pomme" a hundred times. I think that if you learned some French already and still remember it, then it's worth trying the checkpoints.

Bonne chance.

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