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"He has too many responsibilities, so he is stressed."

Translation:Il a trop de responsabilités, donc il est stressé.

May 18, 2020



Everything was right about my sentence except Duolingo did not like that I used 'alors' instead of 'donc', which is actually silly because 'alors' is the word Duolingo gave in this exercise's 'hints' dropdown. REALLY? Duolingo has always accepted "Donc" or "Alors" in every other Duolingo exercise I have done before. I hope someone reading this can tell me why I am wrong and set me straight.


what's the rule for use of donc or alor?


I don't know if there is a rule - I've always seen the two as being acceptable.

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In other exercises, "trop" meant "too many". Why does it now need to be "trop de"?


I've noticed that as well, and I really don't know the answer. I just 'play it by ear' (ie if it sounds right). Hopefully some one else posting will have the answer.

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