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"Which line do I have to take?"

Translation:Je dois prendre quelle ligne ?

May 18, 2020



Quelle ligne dois-je prendre ? was marked correct but is this construction used in normal speech?


What is the difference between Quelle and De quelle when it's being used at the beginning of a question?


Il faut que je prend quelle ligne? (Is this wrong? Why ) Was marked wrong. "Il faut que" was on hover.


It is grammatically wrong because ‘il faut que’ is followed by the subjunctive ‘je prenne’; it may be a bit too elegant in the context, but perfectly good and possible French! But I too wonder why ‘il faut’ is not allowed here: quelle ligne faut-il prendre? would be perfectly ok.


I should add, Maria: You can say ‘il faut + infinitive’ (il faut prendre, for example) But the minute you put in that ‘que’ you have to use the subjunctive - which we haven’t done on this course yet.

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