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"L'auteur parle de ce qu'il a vécu pendant la guerre."

Translation:The author is talking about what he experienced during the war.

May 18, 2020



The author talks about what he experienced during the war was marked wrong-but says the same thing!


the author speaks about what he experienced during the war" is not accepted? what?


Report via flag (not just here in student chat) as "my answer should have been accepted".

That's how more answers become accepted for other learners after you.


Oh come on Duo, along with Antoinette and nguyen, I would also like to know why you mark incorrect:

"The author talks[speaks] about[of] what he experienced during the war"

In earlier modules you taught us:

Il parle = he is talking : he talks : he is speaking : he speaks

Please explain what is incorrect with our translations.


Please use the in-lesson report button to suggest alternative translations. The course maintainers don't read the sentence discussions.


Author sounds like hotel


If the author is in the process of delivering a talk about his life, or is being interviewed, then this is fine. If this is a commentary by someone else about a book by the author, then it would be more normal in English to say "The author is writing about.....". However we would then use the past tense. Once again, without the context it is difficult to know what is going on here.


Grrr... after several attempts to type exactly what Duo wanted I blew my last heart by typing "taking" not "talking". Yes... I know but often/usually Duo will excuse single word typoes. Huh, back to basics 1 to boost the ego! (and 10 whole XP)

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